JeLSIM: Java eLearning Simulations

JeLSIM Content
You can see some JeLSIM content at the Our Work page, but that's only a small proportion of the applets and models we have developed. There are applets available in many disciplines - from chemistry, physics, business and maths. Our content spans a range of levels - from informal learning through school education and on to undergraduate level.

Furthermore, by using the Free JeLSIM tools, you can adapt and customise the content that is available to your own needs: changing the pedagogic style, educational level or even just the colour scheme. More details are available in the recent JIM paper we wrote: Putting Teachers in the Loop: Tools for Creating and Customising Simulations. Journal of Interactive Media in Education (Designing and Developing for the Disciplines Special Issue), 2004 (15). ISSN:1365-893X []

Really Free?
Really Free. Yes. We want these simulations to be used and so make them publicly available. To encourage others to visit the JeLSIM website and use the content or JeLSIM tools we ask that you retain the "Powered by JeLSIM" logo and link which is included in the web page which surrounds all the applets we have produced.

Over time we plan to submit our content to repositories such as SMETE and MERLOT. If you know of a repository which might prove a suitable host for our content please let us know. We can provide content as Content Packages (complete with metadata added when the applets are created in the JeLSIM tools) or as self contained web pages for manual submission.