JeLSIM: Java eLearning Simulations
JeLSIM Builder
The JeLSIM Builder toolkit is now available for download. The tools are currently in transition; as a result, help files, icons etc. may still refer to MultiVerse and some of the newer features may be undocumented. We will sort these inconsistencies out soon, but please accept this software as transitional and report any bugs you do find by emailing to colin@jelsim.org.

The current version of the toolkit is v2.4 build 3. The setup file is 6.6Mb in size. Click here to download [23 February 2005]. The JeLSIM tools have provided support for creating SCORM and IMS Content Packages for some time now. The current version of the tools provide additional support for creating SCORM sco's. Basically, choosing SCORM sco at 'Save to web' writes the relevant HTML and JavaScript to allow the HTML page containing the applet to communicate with a SCORM compliant LMS. This is the first step of a key piece of work which should allow the JeLSIM applets themselves to communicate directly with the LMS - this will allow saving state, passing of assessment scores etc.
This setup does not contain a Java Runtime Environment. Before you install you should check to see whether you have Java installed (look for a control panel icon labelled Java). If you do not have java installed then see below:
To run the JeLSIM tools you will need the Java Plugin - install it first. If you wish to write models, you will also require the Java Development Kit (JDK, now referred to as Java 2 Platform Standard edition, or J2SE). : http://java.sun.com/ Both are available from the Sun web site. The JDK includes a copy of the Java Plugin.
Some introductory training material has been written and this can be used as a general introduction to the features and possibilities of the toolkit. Further information is available in the help files included with the toolkit. To download the training materials, click here. This file is 3.8Mb in size and can be opened with WinZip. The training material can also be accessed online at: http://www.jelsim.org/training/
Other Documentation
A zipped up version of the chemistry practicals web resource is available for download from here. This file is 4.1Mb in size and can be opened with WinZip. The materials can also be accessed online at: http://www.jelsim.org/chemistry/practicals/