JeLSIM: Java eLearning Simulations
Highly Interactive Content Services

What is highly interactive content?
Highly interactive content is content that engages learners to learn by doing and learn from mistakes to build deeper understanding and allows them to build their own understanding. We make a distinction between "active" content such as animation or video that take the learner through pre-set scenarios and the exploratory experience of highly interactive content which provides learners with feedback on their actions. The components of highly interactive content can be provided by simulations, games, assessment, role-play and interaction with experts or other learners. We are experts in problem based, exploratory and discovery learning that utilise combinations of these components.

Our core service is simulation development. Using our inside knowledge of the tools we have developed and the educational use of simulations, we can help with all aspects of the design and development process: from model specification and coding, through to interface design and delivery. Examples of this work can be found at our demonstrations page and include our business start-up course and simulations of chemistry practicals for SCHOLAR. Find out more on our simulation services page.

What about assessment?
We believe assessment should be an integral part of learning and that formative assessment provides valuable feedback to learners as they learn. Any assessment should match the learning objectives of a course and as such must be able to provide assessment of higher order skills than just recall. We have the tools to build and deliver high quality individual questions and tests that match our philosophy. Read our assessment services page for further information.

What about role-play?
Read about our role play tools on our role play page.

We believe in teacher centred design.
We believe teachers are a crucial component in education, whether in the classroom, face to face or online. Teachers are curriculum experts with experience of students and their problems and difficulties. Attempts to design online material without their input will fail. Our tools and methodology empower teachers allowing them to input more than just content to the design process.

How do we work with clients to produce interactive content ?
Our methodology and tools are designed to allow our clients the level of involvement they wish in the design and development process. We adopt an iterative prototyping approach to simulation development that allows clients to modify the developing product at every stage.

What services do we offer?
We specialise in simulations, assessment and collaborative learning and can help with all aspects of design, development, delivery and management of the production process. We provide assistance in producing entire courses or individual components.