JeLSIM: Java eLearning Simulations
One model, many visualisations
A key feature of the JeLSIM tools is shown in the diagram below. Once the model controlling the behaviour of a simulated system has been written by a programmer, it can be re-used over and over again by constructing different visualisations of the model.

Diagram showing one model

Visualisations can be constructed to:

For example, the solar geometry model which calculates the location of the sun in the sky, given time, date and location on the earth's surface. Four JeLSIMs have been produced from this model, each with very different interfaces. Click on the pictures to see the model in action.

thumbnail of solar novice thumbnail of solar graphs  thumbnail of solar calculator  thumbnail of sundial
Non scientific visualisation suitable for children and novices Graphical visualisation suitable for more expert users Single shot calculator suitable for experts in the subject Task based visualisation suited to novices