Simulating Experiments Online
This project grew out of a belief in the benefits of simulation, and a realisation that there is still some way to go if they are to achieve their full potential in online learning. We view the project as a chance to take a fresh look at the criticisms of simulation raised in education literature and as an opportunity to address them. A particular area of interest, is integration of simulations and assessment and the provision of "authentic" assessment where assessment is carried out in the environment in which learning takes place.

The possibility of combining a proposal to UCLES to look at the above issues with one to suit the specific needs of the SQA within the PASS-IT project led to a focus on use of simulations in building up skills in practical activities and experimentation. A shortened version of the orginal proposal is available. The aims of the proposal are:

  1. Provide a range simulation resources to support practical experimentation in one exemplar topic and will include:
    • simulations for student use in practical activities,
    • exemplar simulations which can be adapted to encourage students to learn by making hypotheses and developing experiments to test them,
  2. Training resources to help teachers tailor the simulation resources,
  3. Review the design issues involved in producing online simulations, looking at the benefits and how concerns expressed regarding simulation use have been addressed in the exemplars, work which will inform the development of guidelines for best practice in the field.
  4. Report on the potential uses of these resources in assessment.
Additonally there will also be resources which will grow as the materials are used:
  • Notes for teachers on how the resources can be used
  • Records of reports and evaluations of the simulations and other materials in use.

PASS-IT Networking Day
These materials were presented at the PASS-IT Networking Day, held at the Scottish Executive, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh on 5th March 2003. A brief document summarising the project is available: passit.pdf

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