The Effect of Concentration on Reaction Rate


Teacher's notes and resource

Use of the simulation

This simulated practical is not like a normal simulation, where the computer takes over and does the work for the student. In this simulation the student must take the readings and plot the graphs for themselves. The aim is not to mimic the dexterity required for the experiment, but the thought processes involved.

The SQA have stated that this simulation cannot be used as evidence of assessment. While the candidate may use the simulations as practice or as part of preparation for the experimental work, the candidate must for assessment purposes actually carry out the practical work.

The different versions

Two versions of the practical have been produced:

  1. A partially completed experiment, in which the solutions have been made up and all the students have to do is run the experiment and plot their results and draw their conclusions.
  2. A complete experiment where students must define the volumes of chemicals to used for each run before performing the experiment.

You should choose the version that best suits your time constraints and the capabilities of your students.

Using the simulations