Kinetics of the Acid-Catalysed Propanone/Iodine Reaction


The reaction between propanone and iodine

is first order with respect to propanone and first order with respect to hydrogen ions which catalyse the reaction. The order with respect to iodine can be determined by taking a reaction mixture in which the initial concentration of propanone and hydrogen ions are very much larger than that of iodine. With such conditions, only the concentration of iodine will vary significantly during the reaction and this will allow us to see what effect it has on the reaction rate.

The course of the reaction can be followed by monitoring the concentration of iodine. This involves removing samples from the reaction mixture from time to time and analysing them for iodine.

This simulated practical is not like a normal simulation, where you press the button and the work is done for you, in this simulation you must prepare the solutions, take the readings and decide how to plot the graphs.

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