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At JeLSIM we have written about our work at various levels, ranging from formal papers, to single information sheets. Some of the materials we have produced are provided below.

Educational Rationale
Some formal background to the educational use of simulations is provided by a recent paper: Thomas, R.C. and Milligan, C.D. (2004). Putting Teachers in the Loop: Tools for Creating and Customising Simulations. Journal of Interactive Media in Education (Designing and Developing for the Disciplines Special Issue), 2004 (15). ISSN:1365-893X [] or available for download as a PDF

Whitepaper: Interactivity & Simulations
Our key whitepaper on Interactivity & Simulations written by Ruth Thomas whilst at MultiVerse. Here is a summary:

A major challenge facing providers of eLearning is the provision of meaningful interactive courseware that is responsive to learners, allowing them to actively participate in the learning process. This white paper looks at the nature and desirability of such content, examining key issues in its effective production. Looking to the future, the benefits of:

Finally, our vision of making simulations as ubiquitous and easy to produce and manipulate as graphics or images is outlined and the novel concept of the Jelsim, an online shareable, customisable, re-usable, interactive simulation that encapsulates the ideas in this white-paper is introduced.

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Whitepaper: What Are Simulations
A second whitepaper which attempts to define the oft abused term Simulations is also available, again written by Ruth Thomas. Here is a summary:

This whitepaper lays the foundation for our tools, providing a general overview of simulations, their scope, history and evolving role and looks at the position of JeLSIM tools and eSims within simulation world. The paper covers the following topics:

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Chemical Kinetics
Some of our most exciting recent work has been in developing practical simulations for Higher, Advanced Higher and University level Chemical Kinetics for SQA and UCLES. See the content here. A 4-page document summarising the rationale behind this work has been prepared for the PASSIT project and is given here:

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The chemistry practical simulations form part of a more general body of work centred on increasing the quality of online assessment through the use of simulations as question types. We have presented this work at two recent Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) Conferences in 2003: Online Assessment of Practical Experiments and 2004: Assessing Higher-Order Skills Using Simulations.

Partnership Information
This PDF document provides some general information on JeLSIM - who we are, where we came from and how we see our approach to eLearning.

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