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4. Advanced features

This part of the tutorial is intended to be used as a reference for some of the more complex things that you might want to achieve using the eSim Builder. It gives examples of how to use the more complicated objects in the Interface builder, details how to deploy completed interfaces to the web, and, for programmers, describes how to use time-dependant behaviour and additional classes.

Most of this part is aimed at non-programmers, but the two topics included as Advanced Programming below will require an understanding of Java.

For each topic there is a short tutorial, pointing out some of the most useful features of the object or technique described. These topics do not go into a great deal of step-by-step detail, instead they include example models and interfaces that you can use and explore. Investigating real examples of how a feature works will help you understand how to use it far more effectively than merely reading about the feature.

Topics are broken down into four areas: interface objects, advanced programming, triggers and overlays, and deployment.

Interface objects

Triggers and overlays


Advanced programming