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2.1 Opening a model

In this section you will learn how to open a model in the JeLSIM Interface Builder so you can begin to build your interface. The first thing to do is to open the tool.

Go to the Windows Start menu and select Programs, JeLSIM 2.3 and Interface Builder.

Now the Interface Builder will look something like this:

The toolbars give you shortcut access to all the facilities and features of the Interface Builder. The canvas is where the interface is created. When you start, the canvas is blank, but an interface can rapidly be produced by adding objects. The property tree provides access to all the variables defined in the current model - these variables can then be linked to objects on the canvas. The console provides access to any errors that the tool reports. This can be useful for providing feedback and identifying errors in a model.

The appearance of the screen can be customised using the sizing handles on the property tree and console, and options on the view menu.

Have a look at the different options available in the View menu, turn the console and property tree on and off, play with the positions of the toolbars.

Once you're comfortable changing the settings of the console, property tree and toolbars, you can open your first model.

If you go to the File menu and select New, you will see the available models. Three models come with the eSim Builder: Solar Geometry, Ohm's Law, and Electrical Transients. In this tutorial you will build an interface based on Ohm's Law. Select that menu option to open it.

A new interface is created. You will also notice some variables in the property tree. In the next step you will find out how to add these variables to the interface.