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1.4 New features in version 2.3

This section provides an overview of what's new in eSim Builder version 2.3, and where to get additional information on these features.

As well as numerous small improvements, there are three new features:

  • Setting preferences
  • Triggers and overlays
  • simClasses

Setting preferences

eSim Builder 2.3 includes a much greater degree of customisability than before. With the introduction of a Configuration Editor you can:

  • Modify the default file paths.
  • Change the look, functionality and location of toolbars.
  • Customise the items in the New... and Object menus.
  • Set default font properties and colour schemes.

Triggers and Overlays

The addition of trigger conditions and overlays provides interface designers with far greater flexibility. Trigger conditions allow actions to be performed when specific conditions, based on the state of model properties, are met. An overlay is a group of interface objects that can be made visible on an interface while it is running. By using triggers and overlays together you can create effects such as situation-sensitive display of feedback, or user-determined provision of help.

Two tools are included to make triggers and overlays easy to include in your simulation.

  • The Trigger Condition Editor
  • The Overlay Editor

Details of how to use triggers and overlays are included in the Advanced Features part of the tutorial.


The addition of a simClass brings benefits to model programmers. This means that additional classes, often used in complex models, can now include JeLSIM functionality.

Model properties can be registered within a simClass, so updates to the interface will be made automatically, and the state of the class can be saved and restored by the JeLSIM system.

More information on simClasses can be found in the Advanced Features part of the tutorial.