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1.3 Overview of the toolkit

The JeLSIM eSim Builder is a sophisticated tool for creating web-based simulations. The toolkit is written in Java and runs on Windows platforms. In this part of the training material you will be introduced to the different tools that make up the eSim Builder - the Interface Builder, the Model Wizard, and the Deployment Manager.

The Interface Builder is used to create graphical user interfaces based on previously programmed models, and you need have no programming knowledge to use it effectively. The Model Wizard as an easy way of creating the underlying Java models that are used with the Interface Builder, and some programming experience in Java is necessary here. Complete simulations (model and interafce) can be saved as Java Applets for delivery within a web browser. The Deployment Manager tool is integrated within the Interface Builder for putting finished simulations onto a web server.

Interface Builder

The Interface Builder is used to create interfaces for models. It provides a range of customisable drag-and-drop visualisation objects for displaying and manipulating model variables.

Model Wizard

The Model Wizard is used to create a framework for building a Java model. It will take you through the steps of creating the files you need, declaring input and output variables and methods. You will need some knowledge of the Java programming language to create models with the model wizard.

Deployment Manager

The Deployment Manager tool, embedded within the Interface Builder, takes your finished simulation and enables it to run on a web server. More detailed information on this tool can be found in Deploying simulations.